My wife, Jenn, and I have a five-year-old, Anna, and another on the way, due in December. It has been extremely difficult to find high-quality books that depict families like ours. (Like us, many LGBTQ+ families have mastered the art of changing pronouns on the spot so that our kids can believe some of their cherished stories include families like ours - until Grandma comes over and outs us with the original language.:) 

It has also been too hard to find stories that depict the wide range of beautiful humanity existing within and outside of our communities.

You are our dearest supporters, family and friends. We're grateful that you join us 


How many high-quality books do you have with LGBTQ+ characters or families? Whatever the number is, you are most likely reading here because you agree that it's not enough. Not to mention all the beautiful diversity existing within our families that remains invisible in most of today's offerings . . .  

Like most change throughout history, change will occur when we organize ourselves, with our allies, to assert our collective power. There are enough of us to accelerate change in the children's book industry, but only if we ensure we're counted.

This is what OurShelves is all about -- we are standing up, collectively, to be counted in a long, sustained wave of powerful market demand. Together, we are connecting existing, hard-to-find content to our little ones so they don't miss out on what does exist. And also, together, we are proving market demand as a way to advocate for more books, so many more books. We share with publishers who and what is still missing on our bookshelves, and then we provide a ready-to-buy marketplace to support publishers who create responsive content.

Please listen to our quick video below. Then please share your story too - about why it's important to you to have beautiful books that include your family and the so many other diverse children and families of our world.

OurShelves belongs to all of us. This is our time.

Because we all know the closet is no place to be during story time.

With gratitude and love,

Alli, Jenn and Anna