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By age four (and likely earlier), children have strongly internalized identity-based biases, according to Harvard Business School Professor, Amy Cuddy. Children must both see themselves, and beyond themselves, in these early critical years. Children deserve to see the incredible diversity of our communities situated in beautiful, well-written stories that ignite imagination and wonder. Yet, these beautiful stories featuring diverse characters are too hard to find. OurShelves is here to help.


Grown-ups who value diversity and inclusivity are struggling to find truly beautiful books with stories that both capture their little ones' hearts and imaginations and feature diverse characters. Online searches offer endless lists of books of questionable quality. New books are being released as we speak. It shouldn't be so hard to find the high-quality diverse books we seek. OurShelves is here to help.


Publishers will create more diverse content as they see large numbers of customers buying it. OurShelves provides a vehicle for collective action to organize and prove this significant market demand. Together, we will leverage our consumer power to change the picture book industry.

We collect your feedback on what stories remain untold and which characters remain invisible in today's stories. We aggregate and communicate this data to publishers. We then support publishers creating responsive stories by organizing and growing a ready-to-buy marketplace for such content.

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