What the Community is Saying

meredith and anne, moms of Hattie (1) and calvin (5)

"It's been so hard to find stories with normalized depictions of our family that we've nearly given up. I'm relieved OurShelves is here to help."


Rianna and Kibibi, moms of Solomon (2)

"As two black queer moms raising our feminist son, we're grateful OurShelves is intentional about finding the highest quality, intersectional, age-appropriate and most importantly, affirming books for our family."

-Rianna and Kibibi, moms of Solomon (2)

abigail and cameron, mom and dad of cordelia (7) and ansel (5)

"In this political time, we wonder what we can do. OurShelves gives us one answer  - we can ensure our bookshelves reflect our inclusive values. Not just a token book or two, but our bookshelves as a whole . . . "


ashley, preschool teacher

While we seek a wide range of diverse kids' books, what we have the most difficulty finding are those books in which our diverse identity isn't the focus or an issue to be addressed in the story.

"Early childhood years are critical in children developing conscious and unconscious identity-based biases. It is my responsibility to ensure my bookshelves reflect the kids in my class, and also the kids not in my class. I'm grateful OurShelves"

Cynthia and Lauren, moms of Benji (3) and oliver (7)

"We've been switching names, genders and pronouns in stories because it's been so hard to find our family in kids' books. I'm excited that OurShelves will connect us to books affirming our family and so many other under-represented folks."