We are the change.

Building the movement to prove and leverage market demand for high-quality diverse kids' books.

STEP 1: organize and prove market demand

The many who seek high-quality diverse kids' books subscribe to OurShelves book boxes featuring hard-to-find, high-quality diverse kids' books. We ensure these existing books receive the sales they deserve - meanwhile, organizing and proving market demand.

step 2: collect data from you

You, our OurShelves members, know best who and what stories remain under or never-represented in today's kids books.  You report this feedback to us. We then aggregate and share this data with publishers.


Step 3: leverage demand to advocate

OurShelves advocates for more diverse books. Because OurShelves is organizing ready-to-buy demand, publishers perceive less risk, and see more opportunity, in creating more diverse content responsive to our community.