Behind-the-scenes Early Sketches from THE SUBLIME MS. STACKS!

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    We're so excited to share behind-the-scenes access to Dani Jones's illustrations for THE SUBLIME MS. STACKS!

    From illustrator, Dani Jones: "In order to make sure the color and lighting was consistent through the book and fit with the mood of each scene, I made a quick color study with all the pages laid out together in front of me."

    From illustrator, Dani Jones: "These are quick small drawings I made when coming up for ideas for the cover of the book."
    From illustrator, Dani Jones: "This page is an example of my early brainstorming. I looked at reference of drag queens and freely drew different characters to try to figure out how I wanted Ms. Stacks and her sisters to look."
    From illustrator, Dani Jones: "Several character design ideas for Mr. Stephen."
    From illustrator, Dani Jones: "Step-by-step process of one of the book spreads, featuring the rough thumbnail sketch, refined sketch, and final color."


    Want to enjoy a story time of THE SUBLIME MS. STACKS? Here's a read-aloud video from author Robb Pearlman! 


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