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Take Action to Change
the Picture Book Industry

OurShelves advocates for the diverse books under attack and the diverse books still needed

STEP 1 - SUPPORT EXISTING DIVERSE BOOKS UNDER ATTACK: During this time of unprecedented book bans targeting diverse children's books, we provide our community with regular opportunities to engage our children in advocating for existing diverse books and their authors and illustrators. Join our e-list or visit our blog to join us!

STEP 2 - COLLECT AND SHARE DATA: We collect the feedback of children, families, teachers, librarians, and other book-lovers about who and what stories are still missing in today's kids' books. We share this feedback with publishers. Join us below!

STEP 3 - ORGANIZE AND PROVE LARGE AUDIENCE: Through our growing membership and bulk purchasing, we prove the significant audience for diverse books such that publishers start to perceive opportunity, rather than risk, in creating such books.

Take action with us below!

Advocate with publishers in writing

Fill out this brief survey to share who and what types of stories you’re seeking in kids’ books and why they matter to you.

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Advocate with publishers by video

Upload a brief video sharing who and what types of stories you’re seeking in kids’ books and why they matter to you.

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Write or illustrate children’s books

If you're interested in writing or illustrating kids' books, please take this brief survey to let us know.

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Share examples of early childhood bias

Fill out this brief survey if you're willing to share examples of young children (yours or others) demonstrating bias. We share these examples anonymously to educate on how early bias begins.

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Leave positive reviews

Fill out this brief survey if you're willing to leave positive reviews for the diverse books you love on Amazon and Goodreads! Good reviews counter negative reviews grounded in bigotry (that are unfortunately all too common).

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Advocate Everywhere

Fill out this brief survey if you already are advocating, or would like to advocate, for more diverse books in your community's classrooms, libraries, healthcare offices, rec centers, or anywhere else!

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Have other ideas for how we can advocate for change?

Contact us today and let us know. We love hearing from you. This is truly a team effort.