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OurShelves Founder, Alli Harper, is an attorney, organizer, public policy advocate and most importantly, mom to Anna, age ten, and Isaac, age four, who have two moms. Here is Alli’s story. You must also meet our Curation Team, the heart and soul of OurShelves. Here is additional background information on OurShelves.


ALL children and ALL families belong on OurShelves -- which sends a signal affirming that ALL children and ALL families belong, period. Yet, we face two problems OurShelves is here to address: 1) There are not enough diverse children’s books, period, and 2) There are actually more than we might guess, but they’re too often much too hard to find. Here's a blog post that explains how OurShelves responds to both of these problems.


Our diverse children’s book boxes connect families, teachers and librarians to high-quality books that feature LGBTQ+, racially and ethnically diverse, disabled, and feminist characters, among other traditionally under-represented characters and families in kids’ books. See our welcome page to learn how our subscriptions work.

We also advocate for the many diverse books still needed. As an example of how the OurShelves advocacy mission and subscription mission work together, publisher Barefoot Books published The Bread Pet that features a multiracial two-mom family—a choice influenced by Harper’s advocacy, says Barefoot Books Senior Editor, Kate DePalma. OurShelves then purchased this book to ship to its members across the country, strengthening the book’s sales. As OurShelves’ membership and buying power grows, OurShelves will continue advocating with publishers, backing that advocacy up with ever-increasing sales, proving the currently underestimated market for these books. Harper seeks to prove to publishers that there is opportunity, rather than risk, in creating these books.


In all fifty states and Washington D.C., our members are families, teachers, librarians, healthcare providers, and other caregivers and service providers cultivating values of inclusion, equity and social justice with the children in their worlds. Here are some sample testimonials from families and teachers. We have members willing to speak to the press.


During the pandemic, the membership base of OurShelves tripled in size. OurShelves has reached members in all fifty states and Washington D.C.



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