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Multi-Age Box Annual Subscription

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Thanks so much for your wonderful support of diverse children’s books and OurShelves!

There are two ways to receive books targeted to children in different age groups: 1) Subscribe to two or three independent OurShelves book box subscriptions through our regular sign-up process; or 2) Combine books from each applicable age range into one “Multi-Age” book box subscription.

If you prefer option #2, we offer “Multi-Age” boxes that allow for your OurShelves book box to include books from different age groups. We can offer you a 3 or 5-book box. Please see our “Multi-Age” box options and pricing on this page. You can click on whichever option you prefer to check-out.

Please note that we price these boxes proportionally to what types of books you’re seeking. For example, if you’d like a “Sunshine (ages 0-2) / Rainbow (ages 2-5) 3-Book Multi-Age box,” you’d receive one Sunshine book and two Rainbow books per box. Your pricing would be ⅓ the applicable Sunshine price plus ⅔ the applicable Rainbow price.

Who will love these books?

OurShelves-curated books are mindfully and lovingly chosen by our expert Curation Team for children ages 0-8. You can choose the age levels of the books that will go into your box. We offer Sunshine (ages 0-2), Rainbow (ages 2-5), and Treehouse (ages 5-8).

What will be inside my box?

Our Multi-Age boxes include 3 or 5 books. You will always receive one more book for the older age range. For example, a Sunshine (ages 0-2) / Rainbow (ages 2-5) 3-book box will include 1 Sunshine book and 2 Rainbow books. 

When will my book box be delivered?

Your first box will ship within 5-7 business days of placing your order. After your first box, packages will be delivered each quarter - in March, June, September, and December. You will receive a notification each time one of your boxes has shipped.

Who pays for shipping?

OurShelves does - you receive FREE SHIPPING with your subscription! Shipping within the U.S. is on us. If you’re outside the U.S., please let us know by clicking here — we are exploring the best ways to ship outside the United States!

What if I have feedback to share?

Yes, please. We always welcome your feedback here.

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Kathryn R.

We love OurShelves!

Ourshelves sends wonderful, engaging, diverse books in each box that my three children consistently love and come back to again and again. As a parent, I appreciate the thoughtfully curated mix of books and fantastic customer service. (Have a special request? They’re on it. For example, I have twins, and the founder, Alli, suggested a sweet book that features twins). As an educator (literacy specialist) I love the focus on getting books into kids hands that represent a wide range of identities and life experiences. Kids need both “windows” and “mirrors” in their reading, and OurShelves helps me to provide both for my kids. Especially during Covid, when I’m not doing any in-person bookstore browsing, this is an amazing resource. I highly recommend OurShelves!

Melissa P.

Kindness, Quality, and Hope

My children and I receive so much joy from our OurShelves subscription, discovering artists and stories we might not otherwise have found. My children ask to read these titles over and over again. OurShelves has given us hope and connection during a difficult, isolated year. The owners and customer service team provide kind, personal service. They really care about their readers and the artists behind each book, which sets OurShelves apart from other subscription services we've tried. Just phenomenal.



Melissa, thank you for these incredibly kind words! We love hearing about the joy, hope and connection these books have brought to your family. We also love to hear that your children ask to read the books again and again! Thank you also for your kind words about our team and our mission. We're so grateful to have members like you who join us in working toward a world in which all kids and all families have a place on OurShelves!

Andrew B.

Stunningly Awesome!

I never find the time to post reviews, frankly. It's a rare product that will make me excited or disappointed enough to motivate me to actually do it. But OurShelves is more than awesome enough to motivate me. Families are so much more diverse in real life than in the (current) world of children's literature. Kids deserve to grow up seeing themselves and their loving families reflected in the stories they love. Conversely, the more a story reflects the diverse world they really live in, the more likely they are to love it, and learn great lessons from it. Moreover, I want my kids to grow up *expecting* their world to always be a diverse, loving place. This OurShelves subscription is going to make that job so much easier. We've received one box, and my kids are already in love with the books (ny youngest even tells me, in a somewhat surprised tone, that I do a good voice for the penguins who feature in one of our stories). One of the titles was such a joy to read I got a little choked up reading it the first time (I was glad I read it once by myself so I didn't cry during bedtime!) What's so very clear is that the staff who run OurShelves are very, very in tune with their customers. When you sign up, you're encouraged to reach out and let them know if there's anything in particular you'd like to share about your family, so they can try to seek out and find the perfect books for you. All I can say is-- do it! I wasn't sure what to expect but the founder reached out to me quickly and had all kinds of great ideas for things, she basically made a custom box for us, which in my opinion is going way above and beyond. We then ordered a box for some friends of ours and she did the same for them! We prepaid for a year subscription, and we're so glad we did. If you are looking for a lovingly curated box of books that reflect and celebrate a diverse, loving world, then you will be too.



Wow, thank you so much for sharing why you signed up for OurShelves and how your OurShelves books -- and the conversations and possibilities they bring -- matter to you and your children. We would also love to hear your penguin voice:). Thank you so much for sharing so beautifully why we all do this work together. Thank you for being part of our community -- we're so glad you're here. And thank you for partnering with us to ensure all kids and all families have a place on OurShelves!

Brady J.

So much fun to receive!

We love OurShelves! We get a mixed box every book for my 6 year old, one for my 4 year old, one for our baby. It's of course always fun for the kids to receive mail, and we almost always sit down and read all 3 right away. I also love how OurShelves are simply GOOD STORIES that happen to have underrepresented protagonists and side characters in them. I really think I see a difference in my kids' behavior after reading them. For example, we just got a book called *Clive and His Babies* (about a little boy who loves to push two baby dolls around). Since reading it, I see my 18 month old and my 4 year old have been seeking out baby dolls to play with. Highly, highly recommend this either for your own family, for a personal gift, or even for a gift to a local or school library.



Brady, we're so glad your 6 year old, 4 year old, and 18 month old are all loving your OurShelves books! Thanks for sharing that great example about CLIVE AND HIS BABIES, one of our favorite books! It shouldn't be so rare to find a book about a boy who takes good care of his dolls. We're thankful to know about this British publisher that creates these books that age-appropriately challenge traditional gender norms. Thanks for your wonderful support of diverse children's books! We're so glad you're part of our community and enjoying your OurShelves books!

OurShelves is a quarterly diverse book box for children.

We curate high-quality children’s books that feature racially and ethnically diverse, LGBTQ+, disabled, feminist, and other characters and families currently under-represented in kids’ books.

We advocate for the many more diverse books still needed, in part by proving the significant audience for such books through our growing membership.

How it Works

Red Number One
Choose your book box

You choose the type of book box you receive every 3 months: 

Sunshine Box (Ages 0-2)
Rainbow Box (Ages 2-5)
Treehouse Box (Ages 5-8)

Orange Number Two
Receive expert-curated books

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that our Curation Team lives and breathes finding, and delivering to your doorstep, the very best books!

Cherish and share

Cherish these special stories. Share them throughout your community. Also, share with us who and what types of stories are still missing on your shelves, which we can incorporate into our advocacy.

The characters our children meet in their books matter.

Our books feature LGBTQ+, racially and ethnically diverse, disabled, feminist, and other traditionally under-represented characters and families in children’s books.

Your Subscription Matters

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To you and your children

Our books affirm, empower, and connect.

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To your community

Share our stories with your school,
or library, and as birthday, shower,
or holiday gifts.

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To advocate for more diverse books

Be counted. Publishers will create
more of these books as they understand just how many of us there are seeking these books.