Build-Your-Own Pride Box

Build-Your-Own Pride Box
Build-Your-Own Pride Box
Build-Your-Own Pride Box

Build-Your-Own Pride Box

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Celebrate Pride with our new Build-Your-Own Pride Boxes! You'll choose the age group and number of books for your Pride Box, and we’ll send you a link in your confirmation email to the Build-Your-Own Pride bookstore to select which books you want to fill your box. Buy 10 of your favorite books to be your go-to gift, especially during this time of unprecedented book bans targeting books like these! Or buy a bundle to fill any gaps in your collection!

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Prefer to let OurShelves do the choosing for you? Order our expert-curated Pride boxes here, and we’ll send you some of our favorite LGBTQ+ books from previous OurShelves boxes!

Our books are mindfully and lovingly chosen by our Curation Team for children ages 0-8 years old. 

  • Cherish these expert-curated books selected for children ages 0-2 (Sunshine), ages 2-5 (Rainbow), or ages 5-8 (Treehouse).
  • Affirm your values of equity, inclusion, social justice, love, and yes, fun and joy, while sharing high-quality children's books with the special children in your world.
  • The Build-Your-Own Pride bookstore includes books that feature a variety of LGBTQ+ kids and families.
  • Our Curation Team members who review your books share expertise from librarianship, teaching, early childhood development, psychology, racial and other identity bias, and parenting. All Curation Team members -- and their children -- have the lived experience of being under-represented in children's books.
  • Feel pride knowing you're exercising your consumer power to be counted in support of LGBTQ+ children's books. OurShelves advocates for the many LGBTQ+ and other diverse books under attack during this time of unprecedented book bans. We also advocate for the many more LGBTQ+ and other diverse books still needed. Together, we're proving to publishers the currently underestimated audience for these books!
  • Free shipping within the US.

Who will love these books?

These beautiful books are mindfully and lovingly chosen by our expert Curation Team for children ages 0-2 (Sunshine), 2-5 (Rainbow), or 5-8 (Treehouse) years old.

When will my box book be delivered?

Build-Your-Own Pride boxes ship within 7-10 business days of placing your order.

Why does the Build-Your-Own Pride Box cost more than the standard expert-curated Pride Box?

In response to your feedback about wanting to purchase more of your favorite books to gift or to fill specific gaps in your collection, we are excited to offer this product to allow YOU to choose the books you receive! The 3-book and 5-book Build-Your-Own Pride boxes cost $5 more than the standard expert-curated boxes. The 10-book Build-Your-Own boxes cost $10 more than the standard expert-curated boxes. The Build-Your-Own boxes cost more because we incur additional costs when packing unique book boxes that deviate from our standard boxes.

Who pays for shipping?

OurShelves is thrilled to offer FREE SHIPPING within the U.S.! For members in Canada and the UK, you’ll see shipping & taxes included with the cost of your box at checkout.

What if I have feedback to share?

Yes, please. We always welcome your feedback here.

Books previously featured

Baby's First Words by Christiane Engel
Plenty of Hugs by Fran Manushkin
When Aidan Became a Brother by Kyle Lukoff


OurShelves is a quarterly diverse book box for children.

We curate high-quality children’s books that feature racially and ethnically diverse, LGBTQ+, disabled, feminist, and other characters and families currently under-represented in kids’ books.

We advocate for the many more diverse books still needed, in part by proving the significant audience for such books through our growing membership.

How it Works

Red Number One
Choose your book box

You choose the type of book box you receive every 3 months: 

Sunshine Box (Ages 0-2)
Rainbow Box (Ages 2-5)
Treehouse Box (Ages 5-8)

Orange Number Two
Receive expert-curated books

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that our Curation Team lives and breathes finding, and delivering to your doorstep, the very best books!

Cherish and share

Cherish these special stories. Share them throughout your community. Also, share with us who and what types of stories are still missing on your shelves, which we can incorporate into our advocacy.

The characters our children meet in their books matter.

Our books feature LGBTQ+, racially and ethnically diverse, disabled, feminist, and other traditionally under-represented characters and families in children’s books.

Your Subscription Matters

Two Children Enjoying Their Kid's Book Subscription Box
To you and your children

Our books affirm, empower, and connect.

Adult and Child Read a Children's Book
To your community

Share our stories with your school,
or library, and as birthday, shower,
or holiday gifts.

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To advocate for more diverse books

Be counted. Publishers will create
more of these books as they understand just how many of us there are seeking these books.