Meet Tracy Subisak, Author and Illustrator of JENNY MEI IS SAD

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In this blog post, you'll find:
  • A video and discussion with Tracy Subisak, author and illustrator of JENNY MEI IS SAD;
  • Discussion questions to engage with Tracy's video and book; and 
  • Advocacy actions you can take with your children to support diverse books and their creators amid unprecedented book bans targeting diverse books. 


Enjoy this special video featuring JENNY MEI IS SAD author-illustrator, Tracy Subisak

In this video, Tracy shares behind-the-scenes background about OurShelves book selection, JENNY MEI IS SAD. 

 While watching this video, you might discuss . . .

  • Have you ever felt sad? If you were to describe sadness, what would you say? If you were to draw sadness, what would you draw? What colors would you use?
  • When you've felt sad, how have your friends supported you? What did that feel like? What drawings or colors might you share to show that friendship?
  • Are there other ways you want your friends or family to support you when you feel sad?
  • What can you do when a friend, classmate, or family member is sad?
  • Tracy shows us some steps in how she created this book. What do you notice? How do you think through your ideas? Do you draw, write, or talk through them?

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Engage your children in taking action!

Unprecedented book bans that disproportionally target racially, ethnically and religiously diverse, LGBTQ+, and other under-represented characters, authors, and illustrators are on the rise. (Learn more from PEN America and Get Ready, Stay Ready.) 

Here are 5 concrete actions you and your children can take to proactively support diverse books and their creators:

  1. Buy and borrow diverse books like JENNY MEI IS SAD;
  2. Share this book and this video within your family, classrooms, library, and beyond (on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Threads);
  3. Send a note to Tracy Subisak to share why this special book matters to you;
  4. Follow your favorite authors and illustrators of diverse books, like Tracy Subisak (on FacebookInstagram, and her website);
  5. Leave a short review for JENNY MEI IS SAD and other favorite diverse books on Goodreads and Amazon.
Visit our Advocacy page for more ways to take action!
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