Play Pride School Bingo!

This back-to-school season -- and all year round, play Pride Bingo with your school to explore who and what types of stories already exist within your school library and who and what stories are missing. Pride School Bingo is a fun way to explore your collection, start conversations within your school community, and advocate for expanded representation of more and more folks!

Share your completed bingo card at to enter a raffle to win a free book!
If you're working to grow your LGBTQ+ book collection, check out the OurShelves Mega Boxes as well as OurShelves diverse kids' books subscriptions (, Mombian's Database of LGBTQ Family Books (, and the other resources listed on the back of Pride School Bingo.

Thank you to Mombian, Medal on My Mind, and Family Equality for being fabulous partners!


Scroll to see both pages of this printable PDF! And be sure to check out Library Bingo and Family Bingo!