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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’d like to gift to children in more than one of these age ranges?

You may: 1) Subscribe fully to both box subscriptions and receive a 10% discount off any second or third subscriptions going to the same address (The 10% off will be applied to your lower priced subscription); 2) Alternate which boxes you receive; 3) Combine content from each applicable age range into each box. Please contact us here to let us know which of the above options is best for you, and we’ll make it so!

What if the child to whom I’d like to gift is two years old? Should I choose the Sunshine Box or Rainbow Box?

The Sunshine Box is the best choice for two-year-olds who are still loving the beautiful simplicity of board books and parents who continue to appreciate the durability of the less-easy-to-tear-to-pieces board book. The Rainbow Box would be the best choice for the two-year-old who is starting to shift from board books into early picture books. You might also choose the Rainbow Box if you feel comfortable knowing the child might grow into the book over time. How a child responds at 2-3 will be different from how they respond at 4-5. You may switch from Sunshine to Rainbow Box at any time by contacting us. Please also contact us if you’d like to talk through your choice.

What if the child to whom I’m gifting is five years old? Should I choose the Rainbow Box or Treehouse Box?

This decision is a personal one. The Treehouse Box starts addressing some more mature topics for those in kindergarten and early grades. If you prefer content that is simpler and lighter, choose the Rainbow Box for one more year. If the child is ready for some more mature content, choose the Treehouse Box. You may also switch from the Rainbow to Treehouse Box at any time by contacting us. Please also contact us if you’d like to talk through your choice.

Does the Treehouse Box (ages 5-8) include picture books, early readers, or chapter books?

Our Treehouse Box includes mostly picture books that are age-appropriate for the age 5-8 range. This box generally does not include early readers or chapter books. Please contact us here if you would be interested in a box that focuses more on early readers or chapter books for this age range.