Dear Librarians,

Thank you for your passion around ensuring all your children both see themselves, and beyond themselves, in your library’s stories.

We're here to connect you to the best stories with diverse characters and families as easily as possible. We'll take care of curating the best and highest quality stories. We'll take care of delivering them to your door.

We'd also like to help you receive funding for your OurShelves subscription, if you’re based in a school, via Donors Choose. Donors Choose connects you to existing donors ready to fund school materials like an OurShelves subscription, and also allows you to easily fundraise through your networks for other teaching needs. If you’re not in a school but face funding limitations in ordering our books for your library, please reach out.

It is very important to OurShelves that we support librarians in their efforts to bring more diverse voices to their shelves and story times. If there are other ways we can support you, please let us know

Thank you again for all the love and care you share with our little ones,

Alli and the OurShelves Team