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“... Aidan's trans identity isn't the point of the story, but the text also wouldn't work if he were cis. And those are my favorite kinds of trans books, ones in which the character's identity is intertwined with and inextricable from the narrative, but also not the main purpose of the story. That's how I experience my life; my trans history is deeply woven into my life but is also just one part of my day-to-day reality, and that was the kind of experience I wanted to show.

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Kyle Lukoff is a (two time!) Stonewall Award-winning author, a previous children's librarian, and one of the greatest LGBTQ+ heroes of our time! He advocates for the belief that all kids belong on OurShelves, and all kinds belong, full stop. Check out Kyle's many other awards, honors, and books here!

Submit your questions here by May 19th!

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