Our Member Add-On Store is now open for spring through 2/18!


Graphic with stack of books on left and text on the right that reads, "Shop & gift 100+ add-on books! Choose from past favorite OurShelves books to ADD to your spring box! Order by 2/18! Want to become a member? Join at OurShelves.com by 2/17 to shop Add-On Books!" A purple banner across the top left corner reads "Add-On Store Open"


Add-on Books are:

  • Individual books you'll choose to receive IN ADDITION to our regularly scheduled spring book boxes.
  • Past OurShelves favorite, expert-curated books to shop and gift.
  • Available in limited quantities -- reserve yours now!
  • Available for purchase by active members at this time because they're delivered with members' upcoming spring books.

Already a member? You can shop our board book add-ons and picture book add-ons now! :)

Not yet a member? Once you subscribe, you'll receive access to the Member Add-On Store in your order confirmation email. You'll be able to immediately order Add-Ons while we prepare your first box to ship.

Questions? Send us an email at support@OurShelves.com - we're happy to help!

Order Add-On's by February 18th so you can receive your Add-On Books with your spring book box!