Our Consumer Power


How We Harness our Consumer Power to Advocate for Existing and Still-Needed Diverse Books


STEP 1: ORganize and prove market demand

Our collective and repeat purchasing of book boxes allows us to organize and prove a sustained market demand for high-quality diverse kids' books.  OurShelves connects existing hard-to-find content to the many seeking it, which ensures these books receive the sales they deserve. (Currently, too many diverse books are under-performing in sales because their target audiences don't know they exist.)


step 2: collect and share data

OurShelves members know best who and what stories are still under- or never-represented in kids' books. Please let us know who and what stories are still missing on your shelves. We aggregate this feedback and share this data with publishers.


step 3: provide a ready-to-buy marketplace that supports publishers, authors and illustrators who create more diverse books

We must support - with sales - publishers, authors and illustrators who create the content we seek. Publishers perceive less risk, and face more opportunity,  in creating more diverse kids' books when they know they have a ready-to-buy marketplace. Your subscription is a critical piece of growing our marketplace.