International shipping to Canada and the UK now available!

If you are interested in purchasing a one-time OurShelves book box, please fill out this order survey. A member of our team will get back to you within 2-3 business days with a quote, invoice, and next steps. 

Books, and particularly the larger boxes, have limited availability and go quickly in the holiday season so please order now!

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After many requests, we are so excited to offer international shipping to Canada and the UK


When will my book box ship?

We will be receiving orders through December 1 and shipping those orders in early December (yay!). 

What products are available for international shipping?

At this time, we will be offering the following one-time book boxes:

Please let us know which offering you prefer in this brief order survey

If you are interested in buying a future subscription after receiving this first book box, please also let us know in the brief order survey.

How much will I pay for the book box I'm purchasing?

You will pay the amounts listed on the product pages above (listed in US dollars) for your selected book box, which is the same pricing that those in the U.S. pay. In addition, you will pay for any shipping, duties, and taxes as described below.

How much will I pay in shipping, duties and taxes? 

Due to the extra costs associated with international shipping, all shipping fees, duties, and taxes will be added to the standard book box total in an invoice to be paid by the purchaser. 

Expected and estimated shipping costs are as follows:



3-book box

$11.99-$13.99 USD

$9.49-$11.49 USD

5-book box

$13.49-$14.99 USD

$11.49-$14.49 USD

10-book box

$23.99 USD

$21.99 USD

Expected and estimated duties & taxes are as follows:

Shipments to the UK will not incur any additional duties or taxes.

Shipments to Canada will be duty free, but will incur an additional tax based on province. These taxes (anywhere between 5-15%) will be added to the invoice we will email to you.

If I've already received a book box in Canada and the UK from OurShelves and I want to order another book box, will I receive duplicate books?

No, part of our order intake process is confirming whether you've received a book box in the past, and if so, to ensure you do not receive duplicate books that you've already received in your first box. Thankfully, we have many fabulous books to send to you!

To which countries do you ship?

In addition to the U.S., we are shipping the above offerings to Canada and the UK. We will expand to other countries in the future. If you’re outside of the U.S., Canada and the UK, let us know here so we know where to consider expanding next!

Do you have any feedback to share with us on this test offering of international shipping?

We always love to hear from you and learn from you! Please email us at